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Bio Note
Gabriel Buttigieg (b. 1993) is a visual artist based in Malta, who focuses primarily on drawing and painting. Buttigieg considers the world to be his native country and hence his artwork reflects various universal themes. He explores primordial, tribal, Mediterranean and, Grecian, myths and legends, conceptualising them in a contemporary context through a psychological lens. Selected solo and collective exhibitions include ‘Paintings’ (MT)‘Nudes’ (MT); ‘The Droplet’ (MT)‘Saudade’ (MT)‘The Beach’ (MT/PL)‘Darkness at Noon’ (MT); “{V}” (MT)‘Dialogs2020 A Contemporary Connection’ (IT)‘Genesis’ (UK)‘Spring Virtual Exhibition’ (CY); ‘CloverMill Artist Residency’ (NL)‘Autumn Virtual Exhibition’ (CY); ‘Facade’ (IN); ‘#1 Arts in Square (CA); ‘Art Interrupted’ (MT); ‘Identity of an Island’ (MT); ‘The Four Seasons A Reflection of Archetypal Imagery’ (MT);‘Art on a Postcard(s)’ (UK); ‘Hogchester Arts - Artist Residency’ (UK); ‘YUN&GAB - A Performative Installation’ (MT); ‘Narratives for Postmodern Love’ (MT);
and ‘fabricATE’ (MT).

He has recently been featured in various international publications, namely ‘Wall StreetInternational’ (USA)‘Wall Street International’ (FR)‘ArtDependence Magazine’ (BE)‘ArtsTalk Magazine’ (NL);
and ‘Impeached Magazine’ (CH).

Gabriel Buttigieg has successfully read for a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Malta, graduating with Distinction.
He has also obtained a Masters in Fine Arts by Research at the University of Malta.

Photo by Andre Gialanze

Artist Statement

The human condition has always fascinated Buttigieg since his initial forays as a visual artist. With the hallmark of his artistic endeavours being his profuse versatility and his thirst for that which is aesthetically pleasing, coupled with his fascination with the human figure, he has delved into the roots of art, seeking perennial themes, which span across the centuries. 

From cave paintings to modern day narratives, from the classical to the contemporary, from the divine to the bestial, he pushes the limits of social constructs and boldly employs his palette to depict his understanding of humanity. Moulded by his keen perception of the human spirit and taking his cue from psychoanalytic and existential schools of thought, he portrays all the facets which encompass man, in totality. Buttigieg depicts the underbelly and the shadow of the human race in the same glorious, paradoxical manner in which he represents the sublime. He treats the dung heap of the psyche with the same respect that he approaches the higher faculties. Buttigieg conjures up the primordially mythical and the primitive, and he marries them with the rapturous aspects of humanity, in a controlled explosion on canvas. Nostalgia, disillusionment, abandon, hope, decay, the finite, and the sensual all find their way into his visual art, in a harmonious and deeply emotive fashion, unfettered by the dictates of the modern world and its emphasis on all that is artificial and fleeting. 

Photo by Kurt Paris

Featured on
Visual Space, Nicosia, Cryprus
ArtNet, New York, America
Ocula, Hong Kong 
ArtzId, Malta

Nominated for ‘The Community Awards, for Best Social Media Presence Awards’ by ArtzID 2022.

Nominated for ‘Best Artist of the Year’
by Lovin Malta Social Media Awards 2021.

Nominated for 'Young Artist of the Year 2020’
by Arts Council Malta.