Selected Press

Kullħadd (May 2014) Il- Mitħna tax-Xarolla terġa’ tospita Artisti Żgħażagħ

The Sunday Times of Malta (May 2014) Reinterpreting tangible spaces through visual art

The Sunday Times of Malta (May 2014) On The Zone this week

MaltaRightNow (May 2014) Wirja artistika fiż-Żurrieq

TuneIn Magazine (November 2014) Raw & Exceptional; The Artistry of Gabriel Buttigieg – Portrait of An Artist

The Sunday Times of Malta (November 2014) First solo exhibition by young Maltese artists

The Sunday Times of Malta (December 2014) Five artists in different media exhibition

Kullħadd (January 2015) Wirja oħra minn artisti Żgħażagħ

The Sunday Times of Malta (January 2015) Art off the Mainsream Grid

The Sunday Times of Malta (February 2016) An intimate conversation

Maltatoday (March 2016) Figures in a landscape

Net TV (March 2016) "What's on Meander Arti u Kultura" Paintings by Gabriel Buttigieg

aPlatform issue no.3 (September 2016) '"Sisters" by Gabriel Buttigieg

Maltatoday (December 2016) Laying bare the truth

The Sunday Times of Malta (December 2016) Gabriel Buttigieg's Nudes

The Malta Independent (December 2016) Nude but anonymous

Maltatoday (November 2017) Basking in the original sin | Gabriel Buttigieg

Circle Magazine (November 2017) Irreverence

Lovin Malta (November 2017) Maltese Painter To Resurrect His Father's 'Obscene' Banned Book In New Drawing Series

FIRST: Baring all - with Gabriel Buttigieg

Kultura News (November 2017) Dik il-Qtajra & Babies Series by Gabriel Buttiġieġ

ENCORE Magazine (2017) Issue 11 Dec '17 - ENCOUNTER

Net TV (December 2017) "What's on Meander Arti u Kultura" 'Dik il-Qtajra & Babies Series by Gabriel Buttiġieġ' 13:30-21:00 - GABRIEL BUTTIGIEG: A NEW VISUAL LANGUAGE (March 2018)

Lovin Malta (April 2018) 14 More Maltese Artists Whose Work We Are Absolutely Loving Right Now

National Book Council (Malta) ‘Xi Qrajt dan l-Aħħar?’ On Leonard Cohen - The Book of Longing (October 2018)

Lovin Malta (October 2018) Saudade: One Of Malta’s Most Enthralling Painters Is Back With A Raw And Emotionally Ravishing Narrative 

Kultura News (November 2018) Saudade - Paintings by Gabriel Buttigieg

The Sunday Times of Malta (November 2018) Denuding Humanity

GuideMeMalta (November 2018) - Local artist Gabriel Buttigieg reflects on what makes us human in vibrant exhibition

MaltArti (November 2018) MaltArti - Gabriel Buttigieg

Maltatoday (November 2018) Something like a Prayer 

ENCORE Magazine (February 2019) Issue 16 - ‘Let’s Get Naked’ - Teodor Reljic

GuideMeMalta (March 2019) - Paint, charcoal & geometric heads: 3 Maltese contemporary artists who are on point

Lovin Malta (April 2019) Human Vulnerability In Art: Four Maltese Visual Artists Are Collaborating For A Celebration Of What’s Mostly Still A Taboo

Maltatoday (April 2019) Laid bare and mixed up: Smudge explores nudity and eroticism in Maltese art.

The Sunday Times of Malta (April 2019) We are all smudged

The Commercial Courier (Issue April/ May 2019) Humanity In It’s Rawest Form pp.118-123

Lovin Malta (September 2019)’Driven By Sex And Death’: This Maltese Artist Is Gearing Up For His Latest Exhibit In Poland

The Sunday Times of Malta (September 2019) The danger in the sensuality 

Maltatoday (September 2019) Exporting the ritual


Stowarzyszenie Konsulów Honorowych w Polsce (2019) Wernisaż wystawy „The Beach” – Gabriel Buttigieg

Zbrojownia Sztuki (October 2019) The Beach. Wystawa Gabriela Buttigiega

E-turysta (October 2019) Wernisaż Wystawy Gabriela Buttigiega "The Beach"

Prestiż Magazyn Trójmiejski (October 2019) THE BEACH. WYSTAWA GABRIELA BUTTIGIEGA

Portal Miasta Gdańska (October 2019) Wystawa Gabriela Buttigiega "The Beach"

Foreign Affairs (October 2019) Ambassador of Malta in Poland inaugurates an exhibition of original paintings by Maltese artist Gabriel Buttigieg at the Armoury, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Public Talks 

"Art meets text in Dik il-Qtajra" University of Malta, Quadrangle (April 2018)